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Sweet lets make this a blog thread, YAY! Heres mine guyz!!

" i have been listenin to guillotine for the past 10 minutes, its on repeat cuz i love this song, and it really gets me.....i dont know i jus like it. And i was contemplating on playing checkers.......but im not going to cuz i hate the faggots at so its not even fun to play anymore. And im talkin to this bitch on aim, shes in the 10th grade and she cant even spell month, or August, or spell. Im not doing anything today though, and all my friends are like "scared to drive" i dont know why, they dont wanna do anything. Actually i lied, i have no friends, so im jus sitting here at home cuz im off work today, so i am gonna go play ball later. And i think im going to dump my g/f........j/k i dont have one. I jus changed the track to "Forgot about Dre" cuz i havent heard this in awhile and i dont feel like listening to crappy Wu-Tang. But anywayz im probably not going to kill myself today, maybe tomorrow. P.E.A.C.E.
"I gotcha back, but you best watch your front,
cuz its the niggaz who front that be pullin stuntz."
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