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Default A message for WTC members that can't post

Loads of people who signed up to Wu-Tang Corp. last days/weeks don't receive any activation key e-mail. WTC don't know what's wrong and I guess WTC can't do shit untill we have a new webmaster. Yeah, we still don't have a webmaster...

So, if you signed up but can't post on this great forum ( ) you are not the only one!

Sorry! WTC hopes to get this shit fixed soon... It's fucked up.

In the meantime you can read all the topics and reply in silence

-- UPDATE june 27th
Maybe this can help:
Originally Posted by Prolifical ENG
I have seen some returning people that created a new account because they had trouble recovering their passwords from their old accounts.

This could be a nuisance to some of you, since you will need to register under a different e-mail...likely one that you hardly check up on (you cant switch to your used one after unless the old account is deleted). Or perhaps you just like having an earlier registration date beside your name like they are your stripes.

If you dont recieve the recovery e-mail, temporarily put your junk filter on the lowest setting. Some automatic recovery emails get filtered out...and this site is one of them.

If you choose to make a new account because "there is no difference", then I am happy for you.

Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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