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Default Re: worst sexual incounters

Originally Posted by Knok-A-Fella
her big bruva was younger then me so wot could he do

he just stormed out of tha room raving and ranting

not to sound big headed but he couldnt do nuffin cos i would have demolished him

But if ya'll dont believe me it doesnt bother me

Bless, 1
Man if Muhammed Bruce Lee Rickson Tyson weighed 600lbs n knew how to use the shit right n was doing that shit to ma sister I dont hink Id care if I could do him or not, Id slice his throat. N fuck bein big headed, no many people in the world Id avoid a fight with. But id expect some young fuck to try sumtin wit a weapon or some shit at least anyhow if that happened. But fuck it. I dont believe you still. Witever, life goes on.

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