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Default Re: Torture M#$%^$#$%#@$

Homie i'll fuckin tie you to a fence turn a car around in reverse and set that shit on fire and let it ram you in the chest then when your on fire i'll piss on you... and the fence. Resurate you like Jesus then call all your family to a apartment building in Harlem lock them in so they can't get out and cut there dicks and pussys off and make the males of your family eat each others dicks and the females the pussy's and while there eating i'll set the apartment on fire and you wil come up lik e"Hey where tha fuck iz my family" i'll shoot you two times in the ass both butt cheeks have you hoppin around like a little bitch then i'll beat your ass 100X worse than the Rodney King beating with a "Louisville Sluger" after all that shit and your fam's is dead i'll take you to the airport and tie to the empire state building and run a plane into you you can call the disaster 4/11!

Niggaz don't come to work early!

I'm gonna steal Yung Bergs Transformer chains if he steps one foot in Tallahassee!
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