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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

IS that it?, bitch you tryna battle me?,
the hardest line you just spit didn't even rattle me.
yeah son, you twice nice?, man where you goto college?
I figgure you a high school drop out,
figgure's why you can't do the knowlege.
Battle section is 1 down, but you tryin to spit a early line,
I skipped half that shit you wrote,
cause 1st lesson is connecting your punch rhyme's,
let me show you how break line's.
you waste of time motherfucker, now let me get mine.
Off this cocksucker, and back on the flow,
like I said before, you put in work before you blow.
you can have more slurp shit then a kwikie mart,
but keep the kiddy shit to your own,
stop dis-respecting this art.

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