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Default Re: Batman Begins...

movie was classic, no doubt
as for Ronin's comments bout the chronology in the first was done pretty nicely to tell the truth....not confusing at all
as for Katie Holmes....i strongly agree that her performance wasnt good at all....just no real emotion shown and as the movie tells, her character should have alotta feelings towards Bruce but Katie just fails to impress
Bale's performance was just awesome...the way he changes his voice is amazing....reminded me of the old cartoon's voice which always for Caine's accent...i wouldnt really have expected much else from it judging from his past flicks...just Michael Caine with another name (Alfred the butler) and he was pretty funny as he always is
the Scarecrow was soooooo fuckin AWESOME!!! i was worried they wouldnt use his character right but boy was i wrong! it was even better than how he's potrayed in the comics....his best scenes are when he first appears as the Scarecrow, when he knocks Batman off the window ("u should lighten up"), and when the lil kid sees him on a horse breathing fire
damn he was so cool.....and then....Katie Holmes strikes again....she tazed him away
but Ras Al Ghul confuzed me....i was thinking that other dude was him but then the woman announces his name to Bruce and now Neeson is Ras Al Ghul....i dun really know
but overall the movie was classic
must see


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