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Default Re: I Love The 90's (Wutang Corp Version)

Originally Posted by DaRazorsharp1
Camp Onawana (however u spell it)
Hey Dude

Nice post by the way on Pete & Pete

what about...

Double Dare
Wild & Crazy Kids
Nickelodeon Arcade
Muppet Babies
Alvin & The Chipmunks
My Brother & Me
Legend Of The Hidden Temple
i second this list

nas, wu-tang (r.i.p ODB, pac, and biggie, and big L, and left eye)
mighty morphin power rangers (the first ones, yeah i said it!)

the wonder years, toy story, most of the afternoon cartoons on t.v after i came home from school

sesime street (elmo's my nigga, he lives in the projects, duh!!!) (elmo's world is filmed in queensbridge housing!)
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