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Default Re: Personal mistakes you've made...

Originally Posted by deadlymelody
I know we've made stupid mistakes in our life. Man aren't there times when you do some stupid shit and you know you made a mistake but you still just wanna punch yourself upside the face. I know a big mistake i've made in my life so far is being so mysterious to too many people. A lot of people don't know a lot about me. I guess I only have my group of about 3 people that I really give a shit about. Another mistake i've made is saying what i've done with an ex gf of mine. I told the wrong person we've done this and that and so they went telling this and that person and my girlfriend hated that and ended up dumping me for that. That's why I hate this fucking town I live in the only thing that gets around is the bad shit about you, you know what I mean? Anyway what mistakes have you made in your life?
Ya i know what you mean, i only got like two or three friends......well i had three but the faggot was so desperate to get a g/f he was hitting on everyone else's.....including mine so i had to cut him off. Its hard to find good friends man.......almost impossible nowadays. Theres only two or three guys in this whole world that i'd trust with my g/f behind closed doors and i know they wouldnt try anything, P.E.A.C.E.
"I gotcha back, but you best watch your front,
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