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Default Re: Personal mistakes you've made...

Originally Posted by I-Legit
proly comming in this thread and seeing a bunch of pussys hard..but mistakes happen..its only being human,

but to topic i might of as well say not having sex with this one girl,
shes stood the night at my house and all she did was want to whatch porn and read my playboys, my parents didnt even know she was staying over..i jsut said she could joking at first
then she showed up at my door and wanted to stay with me for the night, so i was like ok whatver my parents wont know, a funny thing was that when we went to sleep
my dad came home and unlocked my door to shut off my TV n shit and there was some hardcore porn playing, and the girl was so skinny my dad couldnt see her laying in bed with me, then when we woke up, she chilled and left and dad was like "when she come over?" i was like "oh she slept over"he was like well damn tell me next time and then iw as like "oh we didnt do anything or " then he interupted me and said " i dont care, keep that to yourself...jsut tell me next time" i was like cool, then he made me do the dishes...
but yeh, i didnt have a rubbers, but i coulda pulled-out......but whatever....not much of aregret jsut somthing i wish i should of done that i know i could of done
now thats pussy

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