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Default Re: seems like iam the only one that thinks Supreme Clientele>>>liquid swords !!!???

Originally Posted by pussy-with-teeth
so u say gza has a better flow then ghost ??? so u say he has a message u can feel, emotions in his voice ?? ghost music was real..i felt that..i can see and feel his pain thrue his voice...u say gza had that on LS ?...u say LS has betta production that SC ??? check the time and look what SC beats did to the game !!...u say LS is betta than cuban linx ????...whateva..and dont front on my name son
you say ghost is better than gza? and has better flow..... i'm so angry that we can't make a poll so u can see the opinion of the true wu fans.
gza is the greatest mc !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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