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Default Re: rate the previous posters sig....

OK OK, hertz has hit the blunt, and now he's feelin' a little less stressed with all that rodomontade, so if thats the case then my bad on thinkin' it was towards me, but those comments are still wack tho', considering you were instrumental in playing out that gloss effect, as I seem to remember.

Sure you've made a some hot sig's but man, everything I read you post, your always sounding condescending as fuck when it was only a little while ago you couldn't do shit.
You'd get a lot more respect for work you do if you weren't so damn big headed about it.
Anyway fuck it tho', your right i did kinda act like a bitch in my reply on this occasion, but then you are a cocky little shit, I guess you just annoy the hell out me.
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