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Default Re: rate the previous posters sig....

Originally Posted by hertzdeep
OK OK, hertz has hit the blunt, and now he's feelin' a little less stressed with all that rodomontade, so if thats the case then my bad on thinkin' it was towards me, but those comments are still wack tho', considering you were instrumental in playing out that gloss effect, as I seem to remember.

Sure you've made a some hot sig's but man, everything I read you post, your always sounding condescending as fuck when it was only a little while ago you couldn't do shit.
You'd get a lot more respect for work you do if you weren't so damn big headed about it.
Anyway fuck it tho', your right i did kinda act like a bitch in my reply on this occasion, but then you are a cocky little shit, I guess you just annoy the hell out me.
yup im cocky, and i know how to annoy people, i guess that jsut annoys em..i dont know im doing it most of the time, if in fat im doing anything at all, but yo man, if u learned to hear me out, or deal wit i guess, you wont be so im a upset person, im not a people person, i dont havea reason to be mad..well with you guys on the net, only when people say stupid shit, that ticks me off, but if its really somthing Skale would say, i laught at them, hardly with i sound like a asshole..whioch by me is cool, lol, i dont care, if u do, i dont know what to say, and thanks about my sig makin abilitys, but yeh, ima art guy, i try to hard somtimes and somtimes i dont, but im not looking for resepect.....mi just expecting it...and i dont know why people judge me and say shit liek no offense your not the only one, that says "well if u werent so blah blah blah " or "if u didnt blahblah blah" i really do have somthing to say to them, either "try walking in my shoes" or "blow me" cause they dont know didly squat abotu what i know, or they dont even care as much as i do, obviously or they wont criticize me, and all that shit, if they knew me, they would shut up, again im not a people person...nothing bad about it, but im just not, i dont know what to say except sorry for even calling anything b4, i really am, peace HZ...oh and your banners are always hot yo......i dont even know why u thought iw as talkin bout yours.....but i shoulda edited my post, i was gonna but i figured you'd know who im talkin to

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