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Default Re: rate the previous posters sig....

Originally Posted by I-Legit
yup im cocky, and i know how to annoy people, i guess that jsut annoys em..i dont know im doing it most of the time, if in fat im doing anything at all, but yo man, if u learned to hear me out, or deal wit i guess, you wont be so im a upset person, im not a people person, i dont havea reason to be mad..well with you guys on the net, only when people say stupid shit, that ticks me off, but if its really somthing Skale would say, i laught at them, hardly with i sound like a asshole..whioch by me is cool, lol, i dont care, if u do, i dont know what to say, and thanks about my sig makin abilitys, but yeh, ima art guy, i try to hard somtimes and somtimes i dont, but im not looking for resepect.....mi just expecting it...and i dont know why people judge me and say shit liek no offense your not the only one, that says "well if u werent so blah blah blah " or "if u didnt blahblah blah" i really do have somthing to say to them, either "try walking in my shoes" or "blow me" cause they dont know didly squat abotu what i know, or they dont even care as much as i do, obviously or they wont criticize me, and all that shit, if they knew me, they would shut up, again im not a people person...nothing bad about it, but im just not, i dont know what to say except sorry for even calling anything b4, i really am, peace HZ...oh and your banners are always hot yo......i dont even know why u thought iw as talkin bout yours.....but i shoulda edited my post, i was gonna but i figured you'd know who im talkin to

To be honest I lost you half way through that, but we're fuckin' this thread up bitchin' so lets just get back to markin' sigs ... 5/10
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