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Default My 1st Battle

Insulting me is a grave mistake.
Don't matter what model, color or make.
Spontaneous Combustion, It's a Nagasaki Tale.
Single file line herds cows to exploding whales.
Don't lie to yourself and aspire to win.
I tell ya this straight get my balls of ya chin.
My Graffittis exquisitive
I'm lively inquisitive
Dont pop tumors, you'll grow pain like Mike Seaver.
My dick is the call, ya mouth the receiver
So negatively attracted to my lyrical loop
I'm sayin caviar but your hearin poop
Yer a sap, a rube, a round heeled fighter
My spidey sense says yer an eight legged biter
So lemme wrap fast, like I'd do with a ho
yer a cross dressin dildo freak, now everyone know

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