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The Ghost crouching tiger

To begin with I didn't insult you, rappers
Often get caught in the trap, I trap em
Leavin weak emcees bloody red like tampons
Learn from your mistakes I guess this is hands on
An experience so vivid and useful for wack artist
I do you like my trash we dump garbage
I don't care if you have dreams of performing at the Garden
Not Edan most of these rappers dreams I abolish
Like slavery but most have reinvented it
Who made you a wu corp member I should revoke your membership
Dietary supplements being burn fat, I burn facts
This battles heating up, my bad I turned up the thermostat
Burnin like s.t.i.'s from that ho you had sex with
Ur wack face it I'll leave you dead in the next ditch
The Ghost the king of all the grim reapers
AKA SlightlySlightedFan soul Keeper
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