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AYO..AYO.. the show in worcester was off da hook. i was up there and it was worth the wait almost 2 hours mind you.the show had every one there with STREET-TRIFE and a couple other dudes.i give the show a 9.5 out of 10 and thats because you had ghost and deck not really doing shit like they should have.dont get me wrong its a blessing to see the whole wu on stage minus A SON RIP.MEF had the most energy he didnt stop the whole show.RZA did a tight job on the mic he probly lost everyone with this crazy space freestyle GZA killed all his shit even thou the mics were fuckin up all night MEF-GHOST sounded like they wanted to fuck up the sound man.RAE fogot some words on a jam and MEF put him on blast stoped the musik and all that.INS came ok a bit lazy MASTA killed one blood with no beat UGOD was drunk it seem like.CAPPA did a good job on the shit he had. they did a hot ODB triubute.but yo good fuckin show THE W ANIT NOTHIN 2 FUCK WIT STILL.
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