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Default straight off da top no fukn around

chek it out, written, free ,style kinda shit,
words from a true mc word up ,chek it out,

bitches better learn, that its my fukn turn,to hang wak cunts by a lasso and kikem with my spurs,
so trust me when i bust free's shit gets ugly,
coz I kill everyone in the thread not just the guy above me,
D dub leaves wak cunts spleens cut deep,
blood leaks from there nose as there heads shoved up there but cheeks,
i fuk freaks, but leave this dif de la bitch raped,
and have him screamin like tony touch on a fukn mix tape,
and fifty's fake, how could new york city make such a shitty snake,
and how could doctor dre possibly think that he's great,
Coz he's a bitch, but most are blind to see it,
So I'm here to restore there eye sight like i'm jesus,
nice cru's are beaten rite through the speakez,
fuk a knife , my rhymes will dice you to pieces,
And i wont stop dealen,till i'm thrown behind bars,
but if I go to jail it'll be from fukn kim with a broken wine glass,
so the cops still wanna be jailen me,
but there getting frustrated b coz they found nutin when they raided me,
SO to all u dealers out there watch surveilencing
Coz i almost whent to jail and no one woulda been able to pay bail for me,

Word up 97 for life

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