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D-dub grasshopper
Default You mont more..

Mutherfukez step up n get there nek cut...Dont bother replying unless ur ill

D dub never sympathetic,
if hip hop was a drug bitches would be sucken my dik to get it,
the way I flip is epic get ur clique dismemmbed quick
im shorter then my my temper is so remember this when you spit,
chiks are pathetic and shit unless on a bed with a pussy embedded with dik
cum on there breast and the hips,
I aint benelovent I ll be getn her pissed dissecting her clit leave her dead in a whip
with dik cheese spread on there lips,
and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better then this,
I slit her stomach open and found she was expecting some kids ,
I ate the identical twins, directly from her ribs
In less then seconds I was sik felt like my intestines had split,
my left testicle itches while my right ventricle twitches
I need medical help gimme five bisexual bitches,
i wish I could never do dishes rude n visciouse
leave you with the fishes and ur supersticious crew in stitches

ur next weapon is a pik sikle and a shovel, enjoy

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