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deezel grasshopper

got back from the philly show a little while ago...and the wu put on the best show i've ever seen from them the last couple of years (including solo performances)...they switched a lot of things up...

rza narrated the show, taking the audience through the clan albums...

they played the full versions of a lot of songs...this was the first time i heard the complete version of cream...and deck's verse sounded great...

meth was featured throughout the show (although some of the members looked a little pissed...masta killa looked out of it by the end)...but meth was on fire with m.e.t.h.o.d. man and release yo delf...

rza tore the fucking place open with wu ain't nothin' to fuck wit...and the way he did his verse for tearz was one of the best i've seen...

rza looked like he was on a mission to set the clan up to deliver a tight show and give the audience what they needed...

the only negative was the mics not working at times...

songs i remember:

brind da ruckus
wu ain't nothin' to fuck wit
m.e.t.h.o.d man
can it all be so simple (great)
release yo delf
you're all i need
bring da pain
ice cream
winter warz (cappa)
liquid swords
duel of the iron mic
odb tribute
da rockwilder
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