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Originally Posted by ol dirty abbot
baby baby come on baby come on baby come onnnnnnnnnn what the fuck anybody wanna do right motherfucking now? errr errr errrrr im the dog whos ahead of the law the dirty bastard from the wu tang squad can i get raw yes i get dirty to the floor rhymmmmeeeessss hitting on ya mind you can never ignore hip hop to me is like the place to be, my specialty from me to you ass MCs say what you wanna saayyyyyaaaa babby saayyyyaaaa i flip the microfone up any daaayyyyaaaa im mad swift cause i got that gift of gab nighas get mad ya ass never had this talent that i got will resound the spot MCs you got paid alot, you ever notice a black man damn mostly slams when it comes to the money you it aint funny so what ya wanna do watcha gotta to is come can i get a wuuuuuuuu tang WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG its on ya brain

i have to go with my man ghost on Soul Controller i dont know why its just sooooo tight that song
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