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Default Re: Pi-Pol: Hellevator Music, Raw Deluxe and Deadly Pi Method

Good stuff!

Hellevator Music - Dope samples, good atmosphere on the track, great drumkit and pattern, nice synths too at about 1 min! That really adds something to the track. Great variation on the track, very original sound. To round it off: nice work!

Raw Deluxe - Again nice sample choices, the piano chops are complemented by the strings and bass quite nicely. Drumkit again is outstanding. With such small cut samples it is hard not to end up with a track that's boring and repetitive and to add variation to the track. You succeeded at this, good job!

Deadly P Method - Banging drums, nice guitars and horns. The organ sound is nice also, good layered beat again with a lot of variety keeping things interesting. The ending is a little strange, but this is a damn nice beat!


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