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Default Re: best show or concert you've ever been to

A gypsy fight through in a place here in Scotland known as Kirkaldy. Hahaha, shit was brutal.

Music wise... Prolly when Gza n Dreddy came here a few year ago. 1st time I got a chance to see any Wu, chilled wit Dreddy for a bit after it, n got mad pu-tang on way home. Not even tryin either. Some crazy ass drunk, fucked outta her nut wit drugs i hink, sexy ass gothic chinese bitch n her mates wanted some of the bad man. No complaints.

Wu-Tang n quality Pu-Tang in 1 night. Cant ask for more. They even got nasty while we were blastin Return to the 36 Chambers. I still remember bangin while Hippa to Da Hoppa was playin n laughin ma ass off. Back to pumpin. Laugh for a bit. But I got my shit together dont worry.


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