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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier
No doubt, but my reservation is poor, I mean we just went into 36 million in debt to another tribe, and that doesn't include the money were already in debt for. Just google search poorest community in america and check the statistics. It's like some kids run around with out shoes because it's warm outside, but on the reservation, kids run around with out shoes because they don't have the money for them. A lot of families still don't have running water and pulmbing in their homes. A lot of the trailer homes we live are from the 70's and inside looks worse then the outside, they look modern but they ain't hooked up water or sewer, and sometimes not even electricty, a big part of the population warms their house with wood stoves, wich results in a lot of house fires. I'll get some more pics today.
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real good post CHARGING...hopefully we'll get to build in the near future

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