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listen....haha ok

as my punches swing your behind my balls like a catcher/
im already at the top of my game i battle cats like you to get wacker/
like computer hackers i'll crack you on site fast/ (internet site)
ya known for gfx so i'll take you outta the picture like contrast/
i bomb fast n attack-plans slashin acts-man without a stracth-damn/ and
imma SIDE-KICK but i aint ROBBIN without a BAT-MAN/
as i box-out with a glock-out i drop like a crop-owl/
tear ya lips off so you can see how i teach you to watch yo-mouth/
abusin this ammusin-rapper losin-to-a-newbie-slacker/
you cats are gunna read the news-after i leave dusk in an oozin-casket and take off as a cuban-rafter/

i said i would stoop to your level.....i did RITE??...RIGHT??

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