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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

these dudes are soft on rude rhymes
like patsy cline, i'm spittin a nasty line
times ten, you'll have to climb in
this monster truck of rhymin while you all denyin
when in the closet you cryin,
i'm on point with beats, fillin joints seat to seat
and the money i reap, won't go to no orphan seeds
they go in my bank, cause I gotta put gas in my tank
i gotta put class in my rank, cause the jacket i wear
has got it shoulders all blank, but all get my stripes just wait
i push CDs on time, while your tapes are late
I use my dough as dyme bate, while you inflate dolls to masturbate
i flow at a faster rate, that's while you rappers hate
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