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Originally Posted by beeboy
yo fam, hereīs the one for Itīs not a Game feat. RZA by American Cream Team. It has also been used by Erick Sermon for EPMD feat. Red & Meth - Symphony 2000!!!

I actually wonder if we all should use Megaupload, cause rapidshare isnīt that cool if you donīt pay them...???

KAMIKAZE is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace Beeboy. Thanks a lot for that one. Would you happen to know the name of the artist who made that joint?
I agree about Rapidshare. I haven't had any major problems with them but I've heard of a lot of people who have so maybe we would be better off using Megaupload.
And you're right, Kamikaze is the shit! One Love.

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