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Originally Posted by Fensocket
I dont believe you! Like Kool keith, the dr's at your attention
downloadin gametype lyrics on NAND Flash sticks made by Spansion
I'm in my mind mansion with bills and skills stacked to the ceilin
you at home with that marmot kissin your mom like a piggy squealin
can't understand? you come whack you a waste of time spent
you a figment of my imagination, disney character fragment

Next with: Sneaker
Next WITH?....... WORD DOG!.... WORD....
Peep tha TYTE FLO..keep ya mic LO! sneeze n bless tha NIGHT SHOW!. cease ya chest I SNIPE CLOSE.!
FLEX like TYE-BO.. u pest like 5-0!..u best HIDE BRO..cuz Im high-off-hydro.. ignite-a-mic then DIVE / FLOAT
(how tha crowd carry u when u jump off stage)

I STRYKE Speakaz wit HEATED FREEZ..Im TYTE FREQUENTLY..u outta breath.. need to breathe..??..
I keep my kiccz fresh from cleanaz..fucc cleetz I jump beanaz wit..Im juss betta off assaultin u wit my sneakers (bitch)

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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