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Originally Posted by Fensocket
Kings and queens from the stone ages
to stoned, mixed and aged '06 flavas
Lyrically Flexin, we kidnappin minds through 6 f'n' pages!
You push a '96 honda I push the coup '97
but i mostly take the train so my shits old and decrepit
I rock a PSP on my person, a true to life video game playa
where I push faster cars, kill mini-bosses and explore ancient sumeria

next (WORD) haha : Tylenol
SILENCE ALL..Voilence FALL..Crime is small..compared to RYMZ I WAR with..Sign high cautious..
In time I snatch fortune- YO.. Surprize catz then they collapse in coffin..YAPPIN Often!! Slap ya JAW quicc..!
TRAP n MAUL kidz..wit RAP n MORE SPITZ..they DYIN OFF..Rymin soft!!.my head hurtz- time to exert tha TY-LEN-OL..!

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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