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Default Re: What the hell should I do?

Originally Posted by Princerai
Peace, it seems she appreciates you to the fullest, yet she is still unwilling to go for a long term relationship...
how many relationships has she had?? it seems that going for a long term realtionship is too big of a move for her.... thats not good though as she seemingly likes you so much.

i know you have done this before, but you gotta talk 2 her.

most of us can give advice, yet we dnt know u both.

i'd talk, be patient, and if nothing works, tell her that you may think about breaking up cos u are in a relationship that is continuing but going anywhere. its like a long term relationship without character, feel me?

peace yo
Word - trouble is, it's tough to talk to her because that tends to add to her stress, which then adds to mine... To answer your question, she's had way more relationships than I have, but only short ones. She's never been in a long-term thing before... Pretty much your classic girl who's afraid to get close to people. And it wasn't at all a problem until just recently.

Thanks for the feedback. Peace.
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