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Originally Posted by (-_-) <---GoldenChild


he a badman animal, madman canibal, but sandman catch him and, strangle him sleeping, cancel his breathing, put his body in caravan, sumthing, sumthing, adament

next word - duck billed platypus
DA FUCC?..... thats 3 wordz nigga.... got dayum man......

Erupt ya skillz..ya Luck iz still smashed to glass.. ducc if u happen to push..CUZ.. tha mag will 'look'..
then blast ya foot..fucc thrillz n active crookz..I clap ya puss ass..Rep da BX- not tha BROOK stat..
plus drillz tap ya 'matter' 'took n capture / killed ya bastidz - smushed..!!'..have ya jaw flatten'd like a duck billed platypus!..
- drillz / harsh training (lyrical) lessonz / mental strain / snatched ya strength, soul

NEXT WORD: march
Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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