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choo choo!! here comes my train, leavin track marks on chickens
I"M THE COLONEL, and I Popeye- she's finger lickin while I'm dickin
bitches from the south north east to the asia
I splatter nugget platters from here to croatia
worldwide chicken saucer- honey mustard or bbq
I fuck a clean chick or nasty broads next to you in a pew!
cuz I bring ho's to church to teach the anti-disease
ho's please get on your knees and please my inner ease
squeeze twice for inner peace or honk twice for a ride
They call me street-sweeper cleanin peace seekers on my quest to seek a sweet piece a that pie
and i drive by high shootin sperm all up in her eyes
road head from a black girl and white girl with big thighs
a skinny girl or fat girl with a gut full of jellow
I like em brown hation puertorican or yellow/



ok ok ok..

Next word- end with -- "speedboat"
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