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Wadedigital, Mumia's first trial was pure railroad bizness, he had a judge(thats linked wit this little group called the fraternal order of the police, thats basically a little nazi organization for feds)that gives it about how he's gonna "help fry this nigger", an in his second trial the second judge dismissed this as minor?...basically goin on about how that statement had nuthin to do wit the way the case was handled an, you know, plus someone actually admitted to actually doing the killing an the second judge still wouldn't let this come up into the case?, so you know, it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out what type of mentality these people wit 'degrees' have, it not that deep, truss, to tell...what type of agenda is goin on right there, you know, it ain't that difficult to figure out, you know, for real...its real, lets go
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