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eh here's my opinion on gay people. I'm cool as hell with them and they don't bother me so I could literally give a rat's ass.

hell I've hung around gay people from time to time and I've only gotten mad at one guy but that was because he was anorexic and shit which is a completely different story that I won't discuss here. but still most gay people are cool and won't fuck with you if they know your straight.

look gay people know what's cool and what isn't. gay men won't ever hit on you if they don't think your gay, mainly because they don't want to get knocked the fuck out. and hey if a gay guy hits on you and you tell him your straight they won't hit on you ever again. also if you freak out if some gay guy hit on you then, I'm sad to say this, you look really gay and probably act really gay.

oh and for some guys getting mad that chicks hang around gay men more thens straight men it's because they know that gay guys won't try to have sex with them. and all that flirtation shit is just for fun, don't mind it, lot's of girls flirt with guys for fun knowing damn well it won't get them anywhere, hell some girls flirt with guys who are married. but i'm going off track so I'll just end this post by saying gay people are fine with me cause I know they won't be sexually attracted to me anyhow.
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