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My opinion on this topic is everyone has their thing. As for it being natural or not, guess it's too late to really try to figure out seeing as how it's been a part of mankind for most of it's existance.

As for people being born that way, I honestly don't believe that, I think it is just as much a sexual preference as the type of people you're attracted to are. Say for instance, I like big girls. I haven't always liked them, all through school I used to chase the model types but I ended up being real cool with a big girl once and started to see the beauty in a little extra padding I think a lot of gays just found themselves in a similar situation, something another guy did to or with them that made that change in their minds.

My girl and I get into that arguement a lot because she belives it's out of your control, either you're born gay or straight. She thinks that cause she's had friends that are gay saying they wish they were straight. But I think that that is just because homosexuality still isn't truly accepted, it is to an extent but still looked down on. If the majority of the world were gay and you'd have straight folks saying they wish they were gay.

As for them putting themselves in the same pot as minorities I think that is wrong. Not saying homosexuals didn't have a hard time with living in the world but you can't compare your sexuality to your race. You can hide being gay if you don't want people to know. You can never hide being black or latino. And gay rights wasn't half the struggle as civil rights were and never will be. Until the day I see a riot break out at a gay rights movement between them and the police, getting attacked by dogs and hosed down like my people back in the 50s and 60s then they're just disrespecting.
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