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Originally Posted by deadlymelody
You believe the GZA is the best lyricist ever (has to be true)
A Wu song is always in your head
You hate commerical rap
You hate that when people mention rap the first thing they say is "Snoop, Pac, Eminem, Chingy"
You know the fam members, and even have their albums
Your I-Pod is 50% Wu

You think
Cuban Linx is the undisputed GOAT, and Reasonable Doubt doesn't hold a candle to it
36 Chambers is the definition of perfection
You wish like hell they would all stop with what they are doing and take it back to ten years ago
No matter how great an album is, like Illmatic, you find yourself listening to other Wu albums
That ODB's death had no effect on nobody except the Wu and the fans

That's me.
But please, delete the sentence with 'pac, never put chingy,Eminem and my nigga Pac in the same sentence.

Originally Posted by GENERAL_WISE
Pac were great rappers but not great lyricist.
WTF!!! 2pac was one of the best lyricist ever.
But his flow was averrage.
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