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Default Re: What the hell should I do?

Do something different for a change. Take her somewhere new or treat her to something that she'd enjoy for herself. It's the summer there is so much to do out there, if you break the every day environment that your both acustomed to you can get to know each other at a new angle and maybe break the sour spell. But I must say that their is a problem here. Sometimes when we are in the first stages we tend to fall into a trap and everything is always the same and boring. You got to do stuff that will show her that if you spend the rest of your life together it's worth it. That means proving that your better than the rest of the chumps out there and you are her perfect match. I don't know how you normally spend your time together but time is all we really have to give eachother, nothing else really matters. You have to make sure she enjoys herself and that you make her smile and laugh and that their is a real genuine connection. Just make sure you don't lose who you are tryin' to please her, if it doesn't work make that mutal decision to move on!
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