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Originally Posted by bigben
I'm on the line of Scrimmage,
Rushing gaps pullin' Linen,
1st and 10 is how we livin' did my Bids when,
I was young n broke artic soul had no Limits,
polar stares fidget from Tank'd ninjas with no Cares,
I broke their stances Sized 'em up they were Fitted,
Rushed them midgets shook off my True Image....


it be I, I be him, scarin fakes from 1 to 10/
stay rugged like dem mountainmen, steal ya soul with a powerful pen/
and did it all in a black mask, focused on the ones whos gassed/
caught up in a backdraft, even hackers couldnt stop the blast/
nonfiction autographs brought to you perhaps the act will leave em all stabbed and lackin skills, their mental states' aghast...

next word.... placenta
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