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you know youre a diehard when you gotta come back and check other diehard fans for acting like they decide what makes one a diehard or not.

eelrehsu: i said AS POPULAR AS OTHER WU joints...didnt say tical 2000 was not rather popular. popularity isnt only measured by sales, its also measured by whether or not people liked them compared to other albums. my point is tical 2000 isnt (generally speaking) as well liked as 36, cuban links, forever, the first tical, liquid swords, etc... but we are all diehards so we don't care, and we still copped, and will continue to copp these albums just because they have a W on it, whether it sells a mil or a thou, whether its considered underground or mainstream, it doesnt matter, it'll be in your collection.

Now that thats done, carry on with this thread, fellow diehards...
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