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Default Re: What the hell should I do?

Damn... some great feedback. Thanks so much.

method_mack - you're right on when you say I have to avoid coming across needy. That's exactly the type of shit that will scare her - it's happened to her before.

wade - I'm just about 100% sure that there's no other guy because her best friend is also a friend of mine (a girl). They've just been spending a lot of time together recently... I can confirm that. Now if she's getting busy with another woman, I guess I won't have seen that coming... I don't think so though. Great advice though - what you said is exactly what I'm trying to do. It's really extremly difficult though.

Jasper - you make a good case, and believe me part of me says that too. But for the moment, it's worth it to me to see how this plays out.

Queen Bee - you're absolutely right too. The one problem is that she's scared to spend time with me right now for fear that we'll end up rehashing the same issues. No matter - I'll be patient and next time I see her, I'm following your advice and we're doing something new. By the way, I think summer may be part of the problem to begin with - she sees all the stuff going on and misses being single and just hanging out with friends.

Thanks again for all the feedback. Peace.
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