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Havent been on in awhile people went nuts over my post. Just to clear some stuff up yes I do vote, actually I worked on the John Kerry campaign this past year. Wasnt looking to insult and like I said before I'm not bashing younger minds trying to better themselves. However lets be honest we have all been young before (15) and wanted our voice to be heard. Knowledge is only gained through experiences so I mean this is probably a good thing for you. Legit you were making a solid point till you said..."we only vote for people to vote for us" which might be the truth or not, but still thats kinda like a chain reaction. Thats why we vote in the first place. To put representative you believe in and that will make changes you want to see. I agree the system is screwed and it doesnt always work like that but honesty if your not going to participate by voting you got no business even posting.
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