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Default Re: NBA Playoffs 2005 Final

What are you guys on, we gonna see some real basketball for a change, two teams that play as a group, that play hardnosed defence and that have blanced inside and outside games, I don't know what more you could ask for, I'd rather see a series go to seven on some good defense than a bunch of highlight reel plays and another forgettable finals. What yall forgeting is that when jordon was doing all those things in the playoffs the style was more towards that of Detriot and Santa Anna, Team based, Team defense squads. I think Miaimi and Phoenix proved that you can't win with offense alone. And how is Dwayne wade the truth, what awards has he won? what records has he broken? he's only been in the league two years, It takes a decade to become the truth not a few years, Calling them dudes legends is insulting to to the Jordons, Birds, Jabars, Chamberlans, Maravichs, Drexlers, and all the dudes that put in the work. You forget that Jordon won Defensive player of the year, but he did, until wade shows me he can work at both ends of the floor over a period of years he's just a decent player.

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