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Unlike his first album, The Movement has no RZA or high profile wu-elements on production. But Deck is the consummate MC; and his choice was to do an album with what he had, or don't do an album at all!

He put together a fine showing to let everyone know he is still the Inspectah. The Movement is not a great album, but far from a failure.

It has some classic wu joints like "City High", "Who Got It", and "Framed" in which he teams with fellow lyrical wizards Kool G Rap & Killa Sin.

The 'commercial' attempt that Deck makes on this record comes with joints like "It's Like That" and "Bumpin And Grindin". However they are not offensive like the commercial attempts by fellow clansmen, Meth or RZA. Instead they sound more like lively 70's-80's hip hop. Deck is always one to be listened to with the volume very high. His flow remains one of the best hip hop has ever seen and most of these beats are adequate for him to show himself off. The one failed attempt was "U Wanna Be" which just tries too hard to 'fit in' with radio bounce from 2003.

Most of the album is substandard, but thats still better than most. The album is not a career highlight, but rather another chapter in a great career. It leaves hope that Deck may yet achieve that one truely classic album that has alluded the Clans best swordsman.

7.1 / 10

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