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lemme get the introduction, fully fulfilled
FURIOUS b comin thru, swingin swordz to kill
reppin greenhill, tha hood where i aquired meen skill
where we feine for green, and feins feine for pillz
on some real shyt, i got madd killz, throatz got sllit
this apocalypse of tha rap game, we sit
readin literature, sharpenin dartz tha sharpest
sonnz start sharkin, madd snakez start talkin
about what them fakez dont take part in,
imma sargeant wit madd bodyz on my mic,
crumble ya bonez to dust, from dusk to daylight
u in my sight, im like an AK dat dont spray right
rollin seelo n killin it, gettin paid all night
zhillin wit my goddbody wit knowledge dat shine bright
a furious knife will end ya life, send u to ur doom
furious dartz, is found in eqpytion underground tombz
smokin green feumz, imma bout to boom, gimme room
we gotta migrate to a hotspot n bloom
like a flowah, red like gatherinz at god-hour
birdz is devoured, cuz my mindz high like towerz
im dirty like mcgirt, sonn, fuck a showah
rest in peace godd, another devine mind gone
i heard yall was at war, so i turned it on
battlefeildz r molded, from scrollz dat i unfolded
i seek tha knowledge tha the elderz r holdin
fakez iz foldin like envelopez, i grant him 10 strokez
it'll only take 3, pay respect to who facin me
mind racin me, look for me? im rakin leavez
usin shaolin knowledge to succeed on streetz
tha bacon want me off, tha fastest possibility
learned lyrical abilityz, from tha olde temple,
now i match my mentalz on instrumentalz
i became the reciprical of generous n gentle
enemiez never knowin when i got tha pencil
the weapon of tha old wayz, sacred like jade
parade thru each new age, settin a blaze to every page
my rhyme book was specialy made
for a crook, wit a slick look, duckin spadez
enter a borin function, left it bumpin wit rage
wit one step, on my quest to rattle the stage
battle the godd, furyallah, standin straight
expandin my mind, 20 milez past my gate
skate from the jake, cuz i aint goin up state
fuck dat, id rather blast a slug in who i hate
peepz talk, yet...they dun even kno tha half
ying yang the principalz of lyfe, blast ya ass
im from tha past, 17 years on earth i have
lettin glocz burst on tha ave, scarin the wise
sittin on the stepz, flossin threadz fly
brolic out, like dunnz found at bedsty
like godd wit 3rd eye, wit regards to repp high
from the heart of steel city, im like titanium
im like tha 36th sniper hidden in tha stadium
waitin to left off a shot in a cranium
playin bitches like playdium, it never endz
i don pretend, im like what comes out tha end
of an infared fully loaded wit lead, toad style left em dead
what was said, bout mindz spannin horizionz
no 1 man can stopp the sun moon n starzz from allignin
i gotta go back to tha stepz to get my next assignment
style shine violant, whilin n profilin
organizin my crime, juss like italianz
1 im swayze, im crazy like madd battalionz
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