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Default Kalki Dharma

Not Versed In Hindi Yesterday Singing
For Krsna, I Settle the Kali Quarrel
While Bringing It to The Listeners

Arrives With The Sword, Put it Down
Receives Award Turns Up Curtains Fall,
Encore, Trumpets, Sacred Showers
Fall, Reaching The Mud Crowd, Heavy
Breathing N loud, Induced Soul
Vibrations BirdmanKalki
Slinging Heads Once More...

Teaching Between Shores, Touch Myself
Bring Bollywood’s Drama2Dance The Waves
Istablish Evasive Karma
Swords Swings Heads Roll
Through Screens, On One
Foot 1 Trumpet… Birdman Sings

Cali Quarrel Over Creations That leave U Spotless
Judge Jury DNA Executioner
Flying Snakes U Wish I Where Lucifer
Reverse Six Frames, Chop up
Twin Trains Serenade Meek Thoughts,
Whitewashed, Kali’s Change

Food $ Thought Brought Empty
Exchanges Taught, Scripture’s Untold,
Even The Saints Turn Cold,
Third Day ReloadsLions RIP Apart
The Bold…
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