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Default Re: Tree of Knowledge (produced by Kevlaar 7)

I got a joint out now which is Part 1, "Tree of Knowledge" is actually featured on it, but I'm not to happy with it. I rushed it, but if anyone wants a copy PM me with your address and I will send it to you for no charge, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!!! Tracklisting is as follows:

Iron Fingaz – Iron Fingaz of Death Vol. 1

1. The Delfonics Intro
2. Woods of Eshek
3. Iron Out the Cage
4. Inevitable Onslaught
5. Bladed Fingers Wander
6. Paid in Jewels
7. Iron Beat Snippet
8. Journey of Self Elucidation (Prod. By Sphinxz)(EXCLUSIVE SNIPPET)
9. Sphinxz Speaks (Skit)
10. Its Iron
11. So Easily Forgotten
12. Blood Runs Cold
13. Iron Fingaz of Death
14. Headless Iron Horseman
15. Bloody Duel of Death (feat. Golden Child & Retalliation)
16. Hazardous Material (feat. Righteous Word)
17. Tears from the Wicked Slain (Prod. By Iron Fingaz)(EXCLUSIVE)
18. 26 Shadowing Blades
19. Eternal Celebration
20. Element Ferrum
21. Malachi’s Scripture
22. Ballad of Sprinkled Rose Petals
23. Tree of Knowledge (Prod. By Kevlaar 7)(EXCLUSIVE)
24. Inscriptions of Man (Prod. By Sphinxz)(EXCLUSIVE NEW VERSION)
25. RZA Speaks (Skit)(SKIT FROM RZA HITS)
26. Lifetime Achievement (Dedication)
27. Outro
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