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Taken from my request in Born's shop, request open to anyone that thinks they can meet the challenge (I can be kinda picky)

size in pixels: similar to what I got now is fine

color / theme: Kinda dark I guess centered around Ghost's new album Fishscale with the one of the following images...

images (must include images you want):

text that you want: Would be cool if you could fit Ghostface and Fishscale on it but I don't want it to look all crowded n shit so if you can't then just one or the other. Also an alternative idea for the text would be...(see below)...

special effects (animation, etc..): A lil animation would be cool where it fades in and out between "Ghostface" and "Fishscale" in a sick ass font. Would be ILL. If that don't work though then you can just go with strictly text

"We don't need no diamond rings
All we need is a drum like
Fuck it, he can rhyme, I'll sing"
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