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Default Re: anyone battle?

Who wants to battle? Who wants to battle? Soloist actin stupid takin a chance on battelin green i'll leave your whole head split unlike rocks from a crackphiene.... your done for get it right g fuck droppin knowledge i drop mc's it's 63 you can't avoid i flow to my peak while exploiting your weakness losses i let'em leak to your head so just give up and quit..... kill yaself gomer pile cuz if flowin's all you got then your life aint worth shit lines i spit make you choke your better off to quote from my verse this way you'll get a vote nerd nerves i puncture fuck lyrical structure and respectable discussions a whole verse of mine could be made up of harassments and punchlines or linguistics in the form of metaphors lyrics i spit'em raw listeners witness how soloist started this i'm dissin him quick and with no luck at all all the forums i win em in split decisions bitch.

if i knew anything about you it could be better
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