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This album is kind of lost in its own concept. Deck presents this album as a means to start a movement against commercial rap. But is Deck really starting a movement? The movement thing had been done to death by the time Deck released his album.

The album itself takes some effort to listen to. It starts of strong and the first few songs are encouraging. But the it falls deep into obsecurity. It took me a while to figure out what Deck was trying to achieve. Too large a proportion of the album is based on talking down to commercial rap and I am left confused why Deck chose to release a video with rims and flashing lights and half naked females in it.

Moreover the album is structured in a way that it is not accessible, not because of the advanced emceeing but because by track 5 onwards there is just a whole lot of talking about the same topic while using really poor beats. The real gems in this album (and Deck does come strong on occassions) are lost in between what I can say are no more than poor quality fillers.

Not really an album I am overly proud of owning, but for the few bangers it is worth owning. 5/10
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