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Default Re: My Christian and Islamic beliefs.

Originally Posted by 7EL7
every one has misrepresented them because they all have misinterpreted the writings therein



There already is a massive relationship between "christians" n muslims. Where I come fae here in Scotland pretty much every Catholic in the country with a set of baws defends Muslims more n more these days. As much as the "british" media tried hiding shit fae us, as soon as the people of Scotland n Ireland learned about the true nature of the Palestinian situation, we been sportin PLO like our own. Although I cant exactly go into detail I hear fae my peoples in Ireland on the regular speak about the links between the IRA n PLO growin stronger every fuckin day. Its all 1 cause nah mean? People learnin more from that, n realisin the cause is much bigger also. Where my going with that?

Well when you find your lil cousin, uncle, auntie, or witever got a bullet up their innocent ass on way to the shop via a soldier in a country they dont even belong in...You could say all your hard work n dreams to live a peaceful life just got shagged up the ass. If yer whole family happen to be lying in pieces on wits left of yer floor the fuck can you do but attach yoself to a bomb n take out as many of the bastards as you can. Life to you may no longer be worth living. Or it could be that you have so much faith you would rather meet ur fam in the afterlife ASAP n take out some trash while gettin there. Lot of things come into play.

Back to ur question though. I can only give my opinion from a Catholics perspective who trully understands the fact that there are many struggles in life n they can be solved with people building n fightin the powers. I already see it happenin. Slow as a mofo. But its happenin. N eventually the tides gonna turn.

Like we say in gaelic, Tiocfaidh Ar La (our day will come).

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