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"When we feed our children, they do not
understand how the energy contained in this
food will contribute to their physical, moral and
intellectual growth, and yet we do not wait until
they are able to understand before we feed them.
Well, neither should we wait until children can
understand before we give them certain notions
of spirituality, because later on, everything they have
registered without understanding will surface in their
consciousness, and they will be able to benefit from it;
they will make use of it and be far more balanced than
children who have been kept from such matters on the
pretext that they were too young. The spiritual life is
not like mathematics, physicsor chemistry which require
a certain intellectual development. For the souls of our
children, the spiritual life is like the mother tongue which
they absorb by hearing it spoken around them."

Omraam MikhaŰl A´vanhov

Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.

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